Buy CBD Oil UK

Buy CBD Oil UK

Yeah it’s become so mainstream now. Yeah it’s like going down to the store to buy your groceries it’ll just become commonplace.

And what do you think is going to happen to all these micro brands. There’s so many small businesses and you know working in this space to so many I mean it’s like new companies a day. Do you think there’s gonna be a huge acquisitions or something that will I’m not sure I am quite interested to see what happens.

CBD Oil Enters The Mainstream

Yeah I am too. My my gut tells me that given this so many of these micro groups popping up I think a lot of them will simply fall by the wayside. Yeah you know just competitively. I mean it’s it’s difficult to secure credit card processing for instance if you’re a CBD company here. Yeah I know that we have that because of how because of our processes and because it’s everything is above board and I’m not saying people aren’t operating above board but out our processes are very transparent and I think as a result of that we’ve been able to hold onto our critic you know our product and capability and that sort of thing. You know we’re in nearly retail stores around the country now. We have a very robust online shopping experience which has been great at on duty CBD column. So what I think you’ll see is a lot of these operations. I think there’s two elements to this. One is the operation that is literally buying their bottles from China and putting a label on the side of it and trying to sell it wherever online. I think those folks will disappear first and then I think what you because all they are is a some kind of brand and they’re just selling it and there’s not really a barrier to entry for those folks. But I think they’re the first ones to go and particularly particularly as we’re talking earlier. If the government brings in some kind of regulation that those folks will all disappear. The people that are giving a low quality stuff they’re importing right yeah the lower quality stuff you know they just buy a vat of it from China a year on models from China. They come up with the label and stick it on and then sell it online. Yeah I know those guys. I don’t think Wayne had the longevity and you know the market will just dictate they’re gone. I think what you’ll see with the smaller you know sort of what you call I get boutique guys I think a lot of those guys will get acquired or they will you know form partnerships you know you might have a cool brand that you know legit US based brand that might form a co-op with couple of grow operations but I think what what you’ll see is these guys the smaller groups if they want to continue to grow will need to they like to be acquired or they will you know amalgamate with other groups. It’s just a scale issue because you can’t keep producing bottles a month and hope to grow the business or or anything like that you’ll just get pushed out.

Yeah. Be interesting to see what happens. I think the cream will rise to the top as always and there will be just people will compete with quality and service. And I think you’re doing things right with having very focused mission. Obviously you do sell CBT to anybody even and even pets but you have to do so.

Can You Buy CBD Legally?

Yes if pets had their own account we’d sell directly to pets. Yeah yeah we are pets. You have dogs.

Yeah we do so under the canine. We’re sort of relaunching that as its own standalone but it’s a big market for us. The canine industry so you know a lot of our users of our pet product on duty canine are canine handlers they’re police dogs they’re military working dogs they’re service animals yeah because they get it off us because the human the handler or someone they know is already using on yeah because of it or they’re in the military or whatever. And so then they see that we have the on duty. Canine and the transition is easy because they trust the product. They know the product. They know that we grew it. They know that we put it. We processed it universally Kentucky. They know that we put it in the bottle and they know where it’s coming from because effectively our pet product is exactly the same as what we’re giving. Officer Smith to take every day. It’s just a lower a lower concentration.

Yeah a lot of people are confused by that. I’m glad you brought that up as a good teaching moment as people. The Perth CBD isn’t different from the human CBD it’s just it’s a lower dose for the pets because they’re more sensitive to it.

Right. It will certainly isn’t. I can’t speak for every product out there but but certainly ours pet CBD comes in at mg and our lowest human CBD comes in at mg. Yeah there’s nothing to stop you’re giving your pet the on duty mg you just give it less.

Yeah exactly yeah. You know we just got a new German Shepherd puppy so she’ll begin some CBT and I’ve heard a lot of good things. People with obviously pets can’t tell you if they’re if it’s helping them but for good stories from people saying helps with arthritis temper staff for Relax yeah I’ve found yeah I have a two year old Doberman that was a rescue and she’s a bit.

Her name is Betsy Ross. You know she gets a bit anxious when we and we dry out so yeah we give a CBD for when we can be in the car for five hours and if she has the CBD before the night before and the morning of travel she’s a completely different travel dog she’s much more chilled out relaxed she doesn’t get anxious and she knows she’s still alert and chases the ball and everything like that she’s just not anxious and it’s been great for her.

So why do you do it the night before as opposed to right before the ride. Anecdotally I think it’s more effective because it’s in their system. And I think it takes effect. We’ll actually give Betsy. Betsy Ross CBD sort of to hours before we travel.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In The UK?

Betsy Wright that just Betsy Ross she actually has her own Instagram account. Betsy Ross canine Oh nice and yeah. So I’ll link everyone to its app that you’re asking. Yeah. Betsy Ross canine and she loves her Instagram.

But yeah it just seems to be you know the efficacy. You know my guess is it’s just less of a shock to the system if you just for the animal if it’s already there and it’s they don’t feel any different because they’ve been taking it for a few days and you know I don’t want the dog to associate having CBD on duty canine with getting in a car and she knows she’s going to travel for six hours so you know we’ll give a tour for a couple of days beforehand and just get it into a system and everything seemed to work well that way for us.

Yeah it’s great it’s awesome yeah. So maybe some people actually listening at home can use that strategy. Is that your only dog or do you have others. No that’s the Betsy Ross is a handful. She’s she’s enough for anybody. Betsy Ross the Doberman she’s pounds of bouncy land is pretty big for government right. Yeah she’s a big girl. I think people probably listening at home the bigger dogs I think probably can take a bigger dose but not necessarily a human dose obviously.

So what we tell folks is it basically works out to a third of a drop Rob or five drops per ten pounds of animal. OK so if your dog weighs ten pounds you just give it three or four five drops if a dog weighs pounds we basically just give her a dropper. All right. There’s no hard and fast rules but that’s just sort of a rule of thumb that we. We offer its guidance to folks.

Yeah I think also just observing the pets behaviour making sure it’s not in discomfort and really with CVD it’s pretty safe for the most part. I mean obviously lately there’s been some talk about drug interactions and the liver. Have you seen that.

Yeah. And look I read that study the same as most people in this industry did. If you look at the sample you know how they did that test the dosing that they did in that test was entirely out of whack. And there was no way that anything else was going to you know put it this way that test went the exact way that the people that paid for it expected it to. And what we’re hearing is that there was interests that paid for that testing or what you want to call it that were tied to big pharma and that sort of thing because it’s not in the interests of the big pharmaceutical companies for CBD to be so effective.

You know I mean just look at my case you know they lost a customer a good customer. Right.

I think I can safely say that that sample that test that report was bought and paid for before it was put out into the market.

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